Diamonds Today are About Spectacular Color First

When considering Pink Diamonds, shouldn't the quality of the Color be your priority?

"We are a personalized online Boutique with an expertise in genuine Fancy Color diamonds, determined to help change the focus of colored diamonds from source and size, to what makes these diamonds so Exceptional: their Spectacular Color."

Our inventory of scarce, superior colored stones comes rom some of the world's leading mines, manufacturers and gem laboratories. Whether the diamond is mined, cultured in a high tech gem lab, and enhanced, our collections represent an excellent value and may provide the best return on investment, dollar for dollar, for color in the diamond industry. Mother nature can create a masterpiece of striking Pink, Purple, & Red within a diamond. Every so often, technology can finish the color saturation process as well. The color of our diamonds is permanent. Our experts select the best possible diamonds based primarily on color, then cut, clarity, and rarity- all of which determine the stone's overall value. 

Very Light,Light Pink,Fancy Light Pink,Fancy Pink,Fancy Intense,Fancy Vivid,Fancy Deep* - Photo Courtesy of Leibish & Co.


Why Vivid Pink Diamonds?

  • The highly graded colors our stones possess are rare and valuable.
  • Our Fancy Color services are personalized to meet every unique requirement you may have, just ask us.
  • We proudly offer Objective Color Grading by the world renowned colored diamond expert, Stephen C. Hofer.
  • Always FREE Shipping & Always 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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